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What Clients Say

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"You ROCK Connie!! ... Thank you SO much for everything ..."

"So far I'm 2 for 2 on interviews and hopefully am close to being hired by the second employer. Thank you a ton for your expertise and commitment to my professional success. I will definitely retain your services in the future.
"I just wanted to let you know that because of your writing skills every job I have applied for I have gotten a call and interview for. I accepted the position I really wanted. I just wanted to thank you. I have given your link to a couple of people I work with as they will be out of a job soon.....Thank You again."
"I got set up for an interview one hour after I emailed them my resume. I was very impressed! ... Thanks for your help."
"Thanks again for your assistance ... it was the best money I've spent on my career."
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"Connie has been an invaluable resource in my current job search. I am very happy with her rewrite of my resume and her coaching skills have been a great help. I highly recommend all her services. She is professional, creative, and all of her work was delivered as promised, and on time."  ~Todd
"As an employment coach, Connie has a solid understanding of the realities of the job market. Her interview and job search coaching provided me a good mix of ideas and support. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone."  ~Mark
"I strongly recommend Connie's services for those who want to revamp their existing resume, get an up-to-date competitive cover letter that makes you stand out, as well as work with her to ask questions and get feedback with job hunting tips. She's fantastic to work with! Thanks, Connie!" ~Cari
"I have had many compliments on my resume thanks to Connie. She was detailed, yet concise. Connie has also been informative on the latest trends in searching for jobs. Therefore, I would highly recommend Connie for your next project."  ~Dan
"Both my husband and I have utilized Connie’s career advising services. When Connie met with my husband, she provided him with advice, recommendations and tips; however, what she helped (my husband) with most was gaining confidence to allow him to realize his potential. He left the meeting with more knowledge on job searching, networking, resume building, portfolio enhancement and much more! My husband took that information and landed a full time job and two (paid) freelance jobs. A few months down the road when I was considering a career change, I contacted Connie. Through phone conversation and emails, she provided me insight on a different job market and provided useful information on beginning a small business. Because of Connie’s vast knowledge in several careers fields, I know that I can find the needed assistance from her moving forward in my career."  ~Sarah
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