5 Important Reasons Your Resume Should Be Up-to-Date

If you're like most individuals, you do not have an up-to-date resume; however, by  not doing so, you may regret it. Here are five important reasons why you should update your resume sooner rather than later. Continue Reading

Wait: Before You Resign, Read These Tips

People change jobs for various reasons. Some want new challenges or want to move up the ladder, while others want to downsize their careers. Of course there are others who want to switch jobs because of a boss they don’t like, poor company culture, or maybe added responsibilities but no pay increase. Whatever the reason(s), here are some important tips to remember:  Continue reading...

Throughout the years as I’ve worked with job seekers and career changers, I have found there is one career management mistake many people make: Not having an updated resume. Now you might ask, “Why is this a career management mistake, if I’m not looking for another job and have no plans of leaving?”  Continue reading...

You start a new job, only to find out it’s not what you thought. It’s not a good fit. If you would have only known. If this sounds like something you have  experienced, there may be three reasons why this is happening:  Continue reading...


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